Second WAKA HPV Africa Symposium

Johannesburg, South Africa
28-29 May 2015

Overall aim of the symposium

The symposium aims to discuss previous and ongoing HPV research, share expertise, collaborate and streghten WAKA HPV AFRICA network trhough collaborations.

Objectives of the symposium

  • To showcase ongoing PhD research in HPV, cervical cancer prevention and management and other HPV related diseasesin Africa.
  • To showcase the new HPV and STls training centre for Africa.
  • To strengthen the collaborations between the institutions and countries that form part of the WAKA HPV AFRICA network.
  • To discuss projects proposed from the previous symposium.
  • To stimulate research interest on HPV and cervical cancer in countries where research is limited.
  • To encourage participants to setup HPV research in their respective institutions/countries.
  • To discuss and propose practical ways to strengthen capacity of laboratories to detect and characterize HPV types circulating in cen/ical and other cancers in the African region


A two-day symposium is being planned in South Africa for the WAKA HPV AFRICA network members and invited delegates. The symposium will be hosted by Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University (DrThandaKyawand DrRamokoneLisbeth Lebelo). PhD students from each participating country will be requested to present data on ongoing or planned research projects. Other invited international delegates will present different HPV projects and  share their expertise for setting up an international training reference laboratory.


  • The presentations will include regional and international speakers, and will focus on the following areas: 
    - Logistics and resources to setup international reference laboratory
    - Management of international reference laboratory
  • Update on the available HPV detection and genotyping methods/equipment
  • Update on the HPV DNA screening for cen/ical cancer.
  • Update on other cen/ical cancer screening methods
  • Update on the prevalence of other HPV related disease in Africa and worldwide.
  • Update on HPV vaccines and clinical trials in participating African countries.
  • Update on the HPV types circulating in cervical and other cancers in the African region.
  • Progress on ongoing projects by PhD students within the WAKA HPV AFRICA network
  • Progress on the set up of the new HPV andSTls trainingcentre for Africa.
  • Progress towards HPV vaccine introduction in participating African countries.
  • Prevalence of other HPV related cancers.