How to collaborate

Upon request, the 3D2YMOX x-ray video facility can be made available for scientific research, for internal users (consortium members or other University of Antwerp research groups) as well as for external users.  The services provided are:

  • assistance in the application for approval of animal experiments to the Ethical Committee of Animal Experiments of the University of Antwerp.
  • recording of trial still images, trial videos, or true high-speed biplanar x-ray videos with 3D calibration of the scene, with help from a system operator from the University of Antwerp.
  • radiation monitoring (dosimetry) of visiting researchers who assist the operator in the x-ray room.
  • temporary storage of the recorded video data (the University of Antwerp retains the rights to use the recorded videos for illustrative purposes).

Information on the conditions of these services can be obtained by contacting the 3D2YMOX system administrator (