3-Dimensional DYnamic MOrphology using X-rays (3D2YMOX)

Welcome to the website of 3D2YMOX (3-Dimensional DYnamic MOrphology using X-rays), a biplanar x-ray video set-up dedicated for zoological research in the fields of functional and evolutionary morphology, biomechanics and veterinary sciences.  As part of the laboratory for Functional Morphology at the University of Antwerp (Belgium) since 2017, it will be used to unravel specific questions concerning form‐function relationships in an ecological, evolutionary or applied context.

This equipment is funded by a grant for medium-sized research infrastructure from the Hercules Foundation (Government of Flanders) to promotor Prof. Peter Aerts (UAntwerp-Funmorph), and co-promoters Prof. Joris Dirckx (UAntwerp-BIMEF), Prof. Christa Van Ginneken (UAntwerp-Applied Veterinary Morphology) and Prof. Dominique Adriaens (UGent-Evomorph).  The University of Antwerp provided additional financial support to develop x-ray video analysis methods (BOF-NOI grant).




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