Valorization trajectory

In the A-Sense Lab of prof. Karolien De Wael we focus on bridging the gap between the academic world and society. We are continuously looking for opportunities to transfer the developed (electrochemical) technologies to industrial partners.


A-Sense Lab is a founding member of an IOF consortium of research groups at UAntwerpen, joint under a common valorization program – ENVIROMICS. The Enviromics consortium offers expertise throughout the field of environmental sciences and technology. This integrated platform strives to develop new biotechnology, new bio-materials, new sensing applications and new nature-based solutions to environmental challenges through interaction with private industry, public actors and academia.


Illicit drugs and the war on drugs can no longer be ignored in our society. Worldwide drug (ab)use stay one of the most important concerns of authorities with important criminal, health and economic implications. Almost daily a news message appears on big seizures, the next attack or execution of a person because of his or her involvement in the drug trafficking process, or ongoing drug wars. A fast, cost effective and selective test to screen powders, tablets, liquids, etc. on-site is necessary to control cargo, luggage and persons on the presence of drugs. In A-Sense Lab of prof. Karolien De Wael a novel method was developed to detect drugs fast (< 1 min) and accurate (> 98 %) using an electrochemical sensor, the Narcoreader.