InSusChem is an IOF valorization consortium of University of Antwerp which connects chemists, engineers, economic and environmental oriented researchers in an integrated team of 15 professors and their research teams. The objective is to maximize impact in key enabling sustainable chemical technologies, materials and reactors that are able to play a crucial role in a sustainable chemistry and economic transition to a circular, resource efficient and carbon neutral economy.How can we reach our objective ? By valorizing the academic knowledge through a close collaboration with the chemical industry in order to transform       our ideas into business opportunities that will have a sustainable impact on the planet and Society.

IOF InSusChem consortium was built in a “strategic way” to have a complete sustainability value chain. The professors included in the consortium were selected based on their expertise and the complementarity between each other. The consortium is divided in four valorization programs

1. Renewable building blocks

2. Materials for sustainable processes & sustainable material development

3. Sustainable processes driven by alternative energy and/or circular building blocks

4. Reactors for sustainable processes

These programs are supported by cross-cutting domains of environmental, economic & sustainability analysis and simulation expertise which is key to support the growth and to increase the impact on sustainability as well as to make it SMART.

We have a complementary package of expertise in our consortium and the availability of facilities at larger scale (TRL > 4) via Blue App.

The mission of InSusChem is to tackle the societal challenges in an integrated approach to reach a sustainable economy that, at the same time, protects our climate and resources.

The vision of InSusChem is to become a “reference” in sustainable chemistry challenges by proposing a complementary expertise in the EU objectives for 2050.