Enviromics Mission Statement

The Enviromics consortium offers expertise throughout the field of environmental sciences and technology. We integrate the knowhow of several top research groups at the University of Antwerp into one easily accessible service centre that provides top notch scientific advice and research across the board of environmental research.We span all important environmental niches: water, sediment, soil and air, biota, as well as surface and particulate analysis. Our technology range includes: risk assessment, environmental pollution, chemical (trace) analysis, in vivo and in vitro toxicology, lab and field eco(toxico)logical experiments, ecosystem management, as well as, air pollution, water treatment and nutriënt recovery. Moreover, we have a large scale mesocosm installation for long-term and chronic aquatic impact studies at our disposal.

Enviromics acts as a one-stop-shop for environmental studies.Enviromics is sponsored by the Industrial Research Fund of the University of Antwerp, Belgium. Through their respective research activities, the partners in Enviromics have access to a large network of environmental researchers and industries across Europe and beyond. All partners are involved in both national and international projects launched by industry, academia and governments (e.g. European Framework Program).