Enviromics Mission Statement

The mission and ambition of Enviromics is to be a unique integrated (bio)technology platform for the development of new nature based solutions for environmental challenges through dynamic interactions with private industry, public actors and academia. Environmental challenges are approached in an innovative way, from a broad ecological perspective, and via interdisciplinary top level research across biology, (bio)chemistry and (bio)engineering and social sciences. Our consortium benefits from the unique combination of our extensive knowhow on (microbial) ecology and ecotoxicology, our advanced sensing and detection technologies, sustainable product development and implementation of sociological analyses of innovation adoption and risk assessment.

Industrial and societal awareness concerning the potential adverse effects of the use of chemicals and other products in the human and natural environment has increased significantly in the last two decades. Our IOF consortium has already developed various tools to detect (1) chemicals and products used in various applications (e.g. metals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, …) and (2) their effect on the environment and humans in general. Additionally, our consortium offers various bio based solutions, including prevention, replacement (benign by design) and remediation. It is the ambition of the consortium to further focus on products and activities with societal and/or industrial impact through an intensified integration of sustainable product development and technology assessment.

To achieve further advancements and valorization in the upcoming years, the consortium works in close cooperation with the private sector for the implementation of technologies and with authorities that provide the regulatory framework within which we operate. Key areas of valorization are the assessment and improvement of environmental quality standards, detection of pharmaceuticals and illicit drugs, probiotic development, and remediation of global change related events (e.g. carbon capture), always driven by a clear-cut research, industrial or societal challenge.

Enviromics acts as a one-stop-shop for environmental studies. Enviromics is sponsored by the Industrial Research Fund of the University of Antwerp, Belgium. Through their respective research activities, the partners in Enviromics have access to a large network of environmental researchers and industries across Europe and beyond. All partners are involved in both national and international projects launched by industry, academia and governments (e.g. European Framework Program).