Accountancy and Finance

The Department of Accountancy and Finance aims to be an international center of excellence in the fields of accounting, finance and insurance. It strives to optimise the accounting and finance landscape for governments, business and the broader society alike. The department does this by producing high quality fundamental research and publishing in top international academic journals, but also by performing applied research directed towards businesses and other organisations. Its members are encouraged to disseminate this research by presenting at international academic conferences, and to communicate via other forums to other societal actors.

The research topics studied by the accounting members cover topics in financial reporting and analysis for both profit and non-profit organisations, earnings management, sustainability reporting, management accounting and control, cost allocation systems, management control system design, audit as corporate governance tool, … Our corporate finance colleagues focus on entrepreneurial finance and small business finance, as well as business group finance. In the area of financial economics, the focus lies on portfolio management, real estate and insurance related research and asset pricing. A unifying theme across several members of our research group is financial history related research based on the data of our SCOB. Also research on corporate governance unifies several accounting and finance researchers.