Alexander Bergfeld
Title: A strategic approach to 'Family Business Accelleration': the role and integration of transgenerational context and capabilities - next generation entrepreneurship
Supervisor: Prof. dr. Eddy Laveren and Prof. dr. Ine Paeleman

Anil Berkin
Title: Rhetorical impression management in sustainability reporting and monitoring mechanisms: Interdepencies with sustainability performance and impact on financial and institutional legitimacy
Supervisor: Prof. dr. Walter Aerts

Dieter Brughmans
Title: Investment-based asset pricing models in international markets

Tristan De Blick
Title: Strategic change in family firms: antecedents and consequences of strategic change from a change readiness perspective
Supervisor: Prof. dr. Ann Jorissen

Pieter De Rijck
Title: (Big) data analytics capability: impact on performance and management control
Supervisor: Prof. dr. Ann Jorissen

Trinh Dinh Thi Le
Title: Mechanisms influence employees' attitudes
Supervisor: Prof. dr. Ann Jorissen

Fynn Gerken
Title : Corporate disclosure in bad times
Supervisor: Prof. dr. Kris Hardies

Sanne Janssen
Title: Professional Skepticism Profiles, Effects on Audit Processes and Outcomes
Supervisor: Prof. dr. Kris Hardies and Prof. dr. Ann Vanstraelen

Thi Luong
Title: The design and use of management control systems in Vietnam: an analysis of antecedents and consequences
Supervisor: Prof. dr. Ann Jorissen and Prof. dr. Ine Paeleman

Mammadaliyev Farid
Title: When do firms make a trade-off between knowledge sourcing vehicles? The role of endogenous uncertainty
Supervisor: Prof. dr. Ine Paeleman

Jo Mentens
Title: Visual in accounting
Supervisor: Prof. dr. Kris Hardies

Dinh Thi Le Trinh
Title: The relationship between trust in supervisors and the subordinates’ task performance: the mediating role of risk-taking behavior and the firm’s management control and reward system
Supervisor: Prof. dr. Ann Jorissen and Prof. dr. Koen Vandenbempt

Jonas Vandenburaene
Title: Investment strategies to exploit behavioral biases
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Marc De Ceuster

Kevin Van Mencxel
Title: Pricing and Use of Corporate Bonds: Lessons from the Past
Supervisor: Prof. dr. Marc Deloof


Postdoctoral researchers

Johan Poukens
EURHISFIRM : Historical high-quality company-level data for Europe
Supervisor: Prof. dr. Jan Annaert


The following people defended their doctoral thesis and obtained their title of Doctor.