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Welcome to the Applied Mathematics homepage

Welcome to the homepage of the research group Applied Mathematics at the University of Antwerp, Belgium!

Sitemap structure

  • Information on the group's internal structure and individual members can be found in the Organization section. This section also contains contact information and directions to the university campus.
  • For more information on our main research topics and a complete list of publications by AM research group, please visit the Research section.
  • All information on education provided by AM academic staff and other course-related material can be found in the Education section (intended mainly for students).
  • The News and Events section gives an overview of interesting upcoming Seminars, Conferences and social events organized by or participated in by AM members.

Who are we?

The research group Applied Mathematics (or AM for short, Dutch: Toegepaste Wiskunde) is a sub-division of the department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Antwerp, based at Campus Middelheim.


The Applied Mathematics research team is committed to developing, analyzing and implementing numerical and mathematical methods and algorithms for large-scale simulations with applications in real-life scientific, financial and industrial problems. These methods allow the use of state-of-the-art mathematical models for realistic present-day problems with multiple variables in many dimensions and in their full complexity.

Our main focus lies on the study various types of multivariate and multi-dimensional partial differential equations (PDEs), which are of key importance in mathematics and a broad variety of application areas.