December 2021: Gerrit Verhoeven on Tourism by train in FARO (article in Dutch)

December 2021: Ehab Alemam successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled: Cleaning of Wall Paintings by Polyvinyl alcohol–Borax/Agarose (PVA–B/AG) Double Network Hydrogels: Characterization, Assessment, and Applications

September 2021: ARCHES welcomes Mike Lahaye, part-time PhD student working on a physical and historical study of the underground quarries in south-east Limburg, Belgium

September 2021: ARCHES organizes 7th edition of Vlaams-Nederlandse Natuursteendagen

December 2020: C-R alumna Stefanie De Winter successfully defended her PhD dissertation in Art History at the KUL entitled ‘Flattened Intensities: An Empirically Informed Assessment of Frank Stella's Fluorescent Paintings from the Sixties’ with Prof. Geert Van der Snickt as co-promotor.

July 2020: Van der Snickt et al publish article on Van Eyck's Ghent Altarpiece in Science Advances (I.F. 12)

June 2020: Tim De Kock on built heritage in Renoscripto.

June 2020: ARCHES welcomes Sebastiaan Godts (PhD student, BRAIN 2.0, project PREDICT). Sebastiaan will investigate phase transitions of salts in building materials under changing climatic conditions with the aim to predict salt crystallization damage.

Maart 2020: Prof. Van der Snickt discusses the insights obtained on Van Eyck's portrait of his wife Margaretha in a short movie commissioned by Musea Brugge, for the February 2020Van Eyck in Bruges exhibition in 2020.

: ARCHES & Op3Mech welcome new PhD student Michael Hillen who will be working on the topic: Depth-selective chemical imaging of Cultural Heritage Objects (DICHO).

February 2020: ARCHES welcomes new ZAP member prof. Tim De Kock

January 2020: AXES & ARCHES perform MA-XRPD imaging on Rembrandt's Nightwatch in the Rijksmuseum.

January 2020: ARCHES at the ESRF workshop on Cultural heritage

December 2019: Vincent Cattersel succesfully defended his PhD thesis.