Equipment of the Algology Lab

Stoelting orofacial pain assessment device (opad)

The Stoelting OroFacial Pain Assessment Device (OPAD) provides an automated measurement of hot or cold orofacial pain assessment in the trigeminal nerve in rats and mice. Using an operant behavior conflict paradigm, rodents voluntarily decide between receiving a reward or escaping an aversive stimulus.

Use of the Operant Orofacial Pain Assessment Device (OPAD) to Measure Changes in Nociceptive Behavior

Karl Kaps SOM 62 Surgical Microscope

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BMDS DAS 5007 Pocket Scanner and IPPT 200 implantable programmable temperature transponders


Sartorius BP 211D Analytical Balance

Sartorius BP 211D

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Memmert INB 200 Precision Incubator

Memmert INB 200

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