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Publications in the spotlight

The darkening of copper- or lead-based pigments explained by a structural modification of natural orpiment : a spectroscopic and electrochemical study
Vermeulen Marc   Sanyova Jana   Janssens Koen   Nuyts Gert   De Meyer Steven   De Wael Karolien  
Journal of analytical atomic spectrometry - ISSN 0267-9477-32:7 (2017) p. 1331-1341
Photodegradation mechanisms and kinetics of Eosin-Y in oxic and anoxic conditions
Alvarez-Martin Alba   Trashin Stanislav   Cuykx Matthias   Covaci Adrian   De Wael Karolien   Janssens Koen  
Dyes and pigments - ISSN 0143-7208-145 (2017) p. 376-384
Singlet oxygen-based electrosensing by molecular photosensitizers
Trashin Stanislav   Rahemi Vanousheh   Ramji Karpagavalli   Neven Liselotte   Gorun Sergiu M.   De Wael Karolien  
Nature communications - ISSN 2041-1723-8 (2017)
An adhesive conducting electrode material based on commercial mesoporous titanium dioxide as a support for Horseradish peroxidase for bioelectrochemical applications
Rahemi Vanousheh   Trashin Stanislav   Meynen Vera   De Wael Karolien  
Talanta : the international journal of pure and applied analytical chemistry - ISSN 0039-9140-146 (2016) p. 689-693
Electrochemical fingerprint of street samples for fast on-site screening of cocaine in seized drug powders
De Jong Mats   Sleegers Nick   Kim Jayoung   Van Durme Filips   Samyn Nele   Wang Joseph   De Wael Karolien  
Chemical science - ISSN 2041-6520- (2016) p. 1-7
Electrochemical evidence for neuroglobin activity on NO at physiological concentrations
Trashin Stanislav   De Jong Mats   Luyckx Evi   Dewilde Sylvia   De Wael Karolien  
Journal of biological chemistry - ISSN 0021-9258-291:36 (2016) p. 18959-18966
Non-invasive and non-destructive examination of artistic pigments, paints, and paintings by means of X-Ray methods
Janssens Koen   van der Snickt Geert   Vanmeert Frederik   Legrand Stijn   Nuyts Gert   Alfeld Matthias   Monico Letizia   Anaf Willemien   de Nolf Wout   Vermeulen Marc   Verbeeck Johan   De Wael Karolien  
Topics in current chemistry - ISSN 2365-0869-374:6 (2016)
Understanding the (in)stability of semiconductor pigments by a thermodynamic approach
Anaf Willemien   Schalm Olivier   Janssens Koen   De Wael Karolien  
Dyes and pigments - ISSN 0143-7208-113 (2015) p. 409-415
XRDUA : crystalline phase distribution maps by two-dimensional scanning and tomographic (micro) X-ray powder diffraction
de Nolf Wout   Vanmeert Frederik   Janssens Koen  
Journal of applied crystallography - ISSN 0021-8898-47:3 (2014) p. 1107-1117
Young Anthony van Dyck revisited : a multidisciplinary approach to a portrait once attributed to Peter Paul Rubens
van der Stighelen Katlijne   Janssens Koen   van der Snickt Geert   Alfeld Matthias   Van Beneden Ben   Demarsin Bert   Proesmans Marc   Marchal Guy   Dik Joris  
Art matters : international journal for technical art history-6 (2014) p. 21-35
Virtual underpainting reconstruction from X-ray fluorescence imaging data
Anitha Anila   Brasoveanu Andrei   Duarte Marco F.   Hughes Shannon M.   Daubechies Ingrid   Dik Joris   Janssens Koen   Alfeld Matthias  
European Signal Processing Conference, 2011-p. 1239-1243

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