Biophysics and Biomedical Physics

Welcome to the website of research group BIMEF

The Laboratory of Biophysics and BioMedical Physics (BIMEF) specializes in interdisciplinary research. The group has two main research directions: mechanical modeling and optical metrology, and molecular biophysics and spectroscopy.

Current research topics include:

  • development of electro-optic metrology systems for shape, deformation and vibration measurements in biomedical applications and biomechanics 
  • finite element modelling in (bio)mechanics, with special focus on human middle ear, and functional biomechanics in animals
  • physics of musical instruments
  • spectroscopic and theoretical analysis to dermine structure-function relationships in biomolecules
  • spectroscopy in environmental sciences / renewable energy
  • spectroscopy in biosensors and biocatalysis


The lab is located at two sites. At the university’s Groenenborger site, the work on biomechanics, finite element modelling and optical metrology is conducted. The research on spectroscopy for molecular biophysics is concentrated at the university’s Drie Eiken site.