Flash photolysis

The LP920 uses the same basic optical-electrical setup for operation in both Kinetic and the Spectral Mode i.e. laser excitation source, probe source, sample compartment, monochromator/spectrograph, and control electronics. The difference between the two modes is the detector and the data acquisition electronics. In kinetic mode, a photomultiplier detector or InGaAs PIN detector is used and the transient acquired using a fast, high resolution oscilloscope. In Spectral mode an array detector is fitted to the spectrograph exit port to measure a full range of wavelengths simultaneously. The array detector is a ICCD camera with an integrated gated image intensifier (ICCD).
The PMT based LP920-K has a spectral response from 200-850nm. For transient studies in the spectral range 900 – 2000nm we can integrate an InGaAs PIN photodiode. The flash photolysis is a shared instrument of BIMEF, ECM and PPES.