Small animal NMR scanners

Magnetic resonance imaging is the ideal technique to visualize the anatomical structure of soft tissues like the brain. MRI is able to reveal specific molecular information as well. For example diffusion MRI uses the Brownian movement of water molecules in the brain to track nerves and to unravel (pathological) changes at the molecular level. Spectroscopy on the other hand allows for monitoring the biochemical signature of tissues. Other applications are based on the blood oxygen level dependent (BOLD) signal which indirectly measures brain activation.

The lab has 4 NMR scanners at its disposal:

A variety of RF coils for imaging and spectroscopic purposes are available either from Brüker or from hardware development in the lab.


We are equipped with animal monitoring devices (pulse oxygenation, temperature, respiration and ECG) (SA Instruments) and simultaneous EEG/MRI facilities with OSG software.