Bio-Imaging Lab

Welcome to the website of the Bio-Imaging Lab.

The core R&D activity of the Bio-Imaging Lab is concentrated on high resolution in vivo Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of small laboratory animals to study brain function in health and pathology.





At the Bio-Imaging Lab we are continuously looking for talented and passionate scientists to strengthen our team. We welcome applications of both scientists with a technical or biological background.


Valorisationmanager IOF Imaging Consortium EGAMI

Expert Group Antwerp Molecular Imaging (EGAMI) is een geïntegreerd multidisciplinair platform rond biomedische beeldvorming bestaande uit vier onderzoeksgroepen: Bio-Imaging Lab; Cell Biology & Histology; het Molecular Imaging and Radiology (MIRA); en digitale beeldverwerking en patroonherkenning (VisieLab)


Technologist in small animal MRImaging

  • You support the team in data acquisition and processing using state-of–the-art equipment for small animal research such as 9.4T, 7T and 4.7T MRI scanners, Bioluminescence camera, EEG and electrophysiology, physiological monitoring and measuring equipment.
  • You are responsible for optimizing and implementing new acquisition methods on different MRI scanners.
  • You are responsible for implementing new processing and analysis methods.
  • You are responsible for the maintenance of imaging and peripheral electronic equipment.

If you are interested; Please fill the online application form.