Bio-Imaging Lab

Welcome to the website of the Bio-Imaging Lab.

The core R&D activity of the Bio-Imaging Lab is concentrated on high resolution in vivo Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of small laboratory animals to study brain function in health and pathology.





At the Bio-Imaging Lab we are continuously looking for talented and passionate scientists to strengthen our team. We welcome applications of both scientists with a technical or biological background.


in-vivo neuro-MRI in animal models for multiple sclerosis - PMSMatTrain project

  • The Project focuses on gaining a comprehensive understanding of the progressive phase of multiple sclerosis from basics to translation.
  • The multidisciplinary network will educate and train 15 Early Stage Researchers in device design, biomaterials, materials science, stem cell biology, in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo models of multiple sclerosis, molecular biology, in silico modelling of CSF flow, material functionalisation strategies and device validation.
  • Programme fellows will experience both public and private sector research & development training and will be best placed to secure employment as high calibre, innovative and well-trained graduates.

If you are interested; Please fill the online application form.

Technologist in small animal MRImaging

  • You support the team in data acquisition and processing using state-of–the-art equipment for small animal research such as 9.4T, 7T and 4.7T MRI scanners, Bioluminescence camera, EEG and electrophysiology, physiological monitoring and measuring equipment.
  • You are responsible for optimizing and implementing new acquisition methods on different MRI scanners.
  • You are responsible for implementing new processing and analysis methods.
  • You are responsible for the maintenance of imaging and peripheral electronic equipment.

If you are interested; Please fill the online application form.


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