Science for Everyone: Dag van de Wetenschap

On the Day of Science Antwerp, the colleagues of Imec VisionLab, the Bio-Imaging Lab and the μNEURO Research Excellence Center of will take you to the wonderful world of medical imaging. How are X-rays different from visible light? And how can we use those rays to make a cross-section of your body? What does an MRI scan have to do with water and magnets? And what do bats have in common with an ultrasound machine?Together, we will find out how each of these techniques maps different parts of the body, and show you how doctors and veterinarians use them on both people and animals from the ZOO!

When? November 26, 2023 

Where? Antwerp ZOO

 Continuously from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., for all ages

EOS Price for Mastertheses 2023

Silke Lemmens was shortlisted for the EOS price 2023 with her thesis: 

Discovering seasonal differences in starlings using rs-fMRI

You can vote for her trough: Stem voor de Eosprijs 2023! | Scriptieprijs


Together with the imec-Vision Lab weorganised a workshop for kids about #medicalimaging. In the framework of #Proefkot #STEM academy. We welcomed an enthusiastic group of young future scientists to the MICA-BIL core facility (#MRI) and FleXCT laboratory (#CT). We all had a fun and inspiring afternoon!