The mission of the Research Programme Business & Law is to perform high-quality legal-scientific research concerning the relationship between Business and Law. Within the Faculty of Law research is carried out on European law, tax law and economic law (including commercial law, company law and financial law) and the patrimonial aspects of family law. Merging these research strands into one research programme with a strong focus on Business and Law has considerable added value. This includes, among others, an increased coherence between research results and higher research visibility following the fact that researchers' publications, books doctoral thesises and research projects are embedded in the programme. The same applies to conferences, workshops and congresses.

General description

The Business & Law Research Group conducts legal-scientific research on the relationship between business and law. Businesses are important driving forces in society. Legal science with an emphasis on business touches on the foundations of the economic order and thus of the society in which this economic order is grafted. Through investment and innovation, business provides employment, opportunities for economic and personal development, prosperity, and security. The role of the law is both proactive stimulating and reactive steering, with attention to fairness and the protection of all interests and stakeholders involved.

The research group aims to contribute to the national and international scientific debate and strives to achieve societal impact. We include the perspective of society in our research.

Our research is summarized in the Business & Law Research Cube:

  • The research group investigates the operation of businesses in a context of globalization, digitalization, and sustainability concerns.
  • The research follows three research strands: the legal life of business, business and its stakeholders, and business and government.
  • The research is conducted by three research units that work closely together in intra-disciplinary research: Corporate and Insolvency Law, Economic and Labor Law, and Tax Law.