Anne Van de Vijver is our research group director, and Anouk Decuypere is our research manager and coordinator.

We have three units with the following unit directors:

  • Company and insolvency law: Robby Houben and Melissa Vanmeenen
  • Economic and Labour law: Gert Straetmans
  • Tax law: Bruno Peters

The steering committee is comprised out of the following members:

  • Jan Blockx
  • Tarcísio Diniz Magalhães​
  • ​Robby Houben​
  • Bruno Peeters
  • ​Gert Straetmans​
  • ​Anne Van de Vijver
  • ​Melissa Vanmeenen
  • Wouter Verheyen​
  • Tom Vos

Below you can find an alphabetized list of all the members of the Business & Law research group.