Diagnostic Ultrasound System (Hitachi, ALOKA)

Automated Carotid Intima-Media Thickness Measurement (CIMT)

The relationship between the presence of carotid atherosclerosis with increased CIMT (morphologic changes) and coronary artery disease is well established. The automated ultrasound-CIMT measurement is an easy and simple non-invasive tool to quickly assess the evaluation of the cardiovascular risk at an early stage.

Flow Mediated Dilatation (FMD)

FMD analysis (functional assessment of arteries) is generally known as an effective means to evaluate endothelial dysfunction non-invasively and said to be useful for early detection of atherosclerosis and determining the efficacy of treating risk factors through exercise, diet and medication.


eTracking achieves highly precise measurements of the arterial (carotid artery) vessel diameter and distension in real time, using radio frequency (RF) signals. It automatically calculates various parameters describing vessel stiffness: β (stiffness parameter), Ep (pressure-strain elasticity modulus), AC (arterial compliance), AI (augmentation index), PWV (pulse wave velocity).

Wave Intensity (WI)

Wave intensity is an indicator of blood flow dynamics, which is expected to help pave the way for analysis of the interference between the heart and the arterial system (contraction and dilatation characteristics, influence of reflected waves from peripherals, interaction of elastic and resistance vessels).