Sphygmocor System (ATCOR)

SphygmoCor technology is the gold standard for noninvasive measurement (applanation tonometry) of central blood pressure and pulse wave velocity.

Pulse Wave Analysis (PWA)

The SphygmoCor system records the patient’s radial pulse waveform through a measurement taken at the wrist, derives the blood pressure waveform at the ascending aorta and reports vital central blood pressure data: Ascending aorta blood pressure, AP (aortic augmentation pressure), Aix (augmentation index), Ejection duration, SEVR (Subendocardial viability ratio/Buckberg index).

Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV)

Pulse wave velocity is a well-established technique for obtaining a measure of arterial stiffness between two locations in the arterial tree. The velocity of the pulse wave along an artery is dependent on the stiffness of that artery.                                                                                                                                         Most commonly, pulse wave velocity is measured between the carotid and femoral peripheral artery sites in order to provide a measure of aortic stiffness.