Samuel Beckett

The Samuel Beckett On-Line Resources and Links Pages - Articles, papers, links, and other flotsam on Samuel Beckett material on the internet.
The Dutch Samuel Beckett Foundation / De Samuel Beckett Stichting  - Dutch foundation founded in 1990 to promote interest in Samuel Beckett's work.
The Samuel Beckett Society - An international organization of scholars, students, directors, actors and others who share an interest in the work of Samuel Beckett.

James Joyce 

The Brazen Head. Well-designed site with pictures, sound files, and texts. Bulletin board with Joyce news.
The Dublin James Joyce Centre. Homepage for the Joyce centre in downtown Dublin.
The Finnegans Wake Society of New York. Resources, news, and meeting schedules, from the home of the original James Joyce Society.
Finnegans Web. Searchable web version of Finnegans Web.
Flying by the Net. Extensive guide to all things Joycean on the web.
In Bloom: James Joyce. Pictures, essays, electronic versions of Joyce's works, etc.
IQ Infinity: The Unknown James Joyce. Maintained by Jorn Barger. Information on Joyce with much material on genetic studies, especially of Finnegans Wake. 
James Joyce Portal on the net Also maintained by Jorn Barger. Links to just about everything to do with Joyce.
Interactive Finnegans Wake Notebook Page. Maintained by Christopher Bjork. Prototype of a project to annotate and transcribe a notebook page (from VI.B.14) using HTML.
The International James Joyce Foundation. Joyceans of the world unite! Includes a nifty Joycean Resource Center.
The James Joyce Broadsheet. Information on subscribing and submitting contributions to this fine journal of Joyce studies.
James Joyce's Ulysses in Hypermedia. All about Michael Groden's hypermedia project: articles, prototypes, samples, etc.
Joyce Studies Annual. Information concerning this most excellent of Joyce journals.
Laboratorio Joyce. Information on Joyce's Trieste. In Italian and English.
University College, Dublin's James Joyce Summer School. Information concerning the two-week Joyce-fest hosted by Joyce's alma mater.
Hypermedia Joyce Studies. Electronic journal for Joyce studies, published by Louis Armand from Prague.

Genetic Studies 

ITEM: Institut des Textes et Manuscrits Modernes. The home-page of the French institute for genetic studies, includes information about their "équipe Joyce" as well as their other projects.