Training & Internships

Students at the University of Antwerp who apply for an internship at the CMG can contribute to one of three different genetic projects:

The Beckett Digital Manuscript Project

Through a shared academic interest in Samuel Beckett’s writing process, the Beckett Internationational Foundation (University of Reading), the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center (University of Texas at Austin) and the Centre for Manuscript Genetics (University of Antwerp) have agreed to collaborate on a digital facsimile edition of Beckett’s works (with the permission of the Estate of Samuel Beckett). The project’s objective is to analyse the writing process of Beckett’s bilingual works on the basis of the extant manuscripts. Interns who contribute to this project will have the opportunity to decipher and transcribe these unique manuscripts, and to investigate and interpret Beckett’s writing process.

Samuel Beckett Library:

With the permission of the Estate of Samuel Beckett, the CMG, in collaboration with the Beckett International Foundation, is working to digitise Samuel Beckett’s personal library (retained in private ownership). This project offers interns the opportunity to study intertextuality in Beckett’s works by examining his reading traces in the form of markings, dog ears, and reading notes – preserved in the margins of his books.

James Joyce’s Library:

The CMG is working on a multivolume edition of James Joyce’s notebooks for his last work: Finnegans Wake. Starting from his reading notes, it is possible to digitally reconstruct a large part of Joyce’s library. 

Contact: Dirk Van Hulle