About the Centre for Population, Family, and Health

“Longitudinal surveys have given the social sciences their Hubble telescope”
- Butz & Torrey, 2006

The Centre for Population, Family and Health is a research centre that carries out fundamental and policy supporting research in social demography and sociology of family, well-being and health. Research of the centre aims to contribute to the understanding of family dynamics through the life course with special attention to health, employment, intergenerational solidarity and the impact of policy. The core themes are family formation and dissolution, the combination of work and family and the socialization of care.

The centre uses advanced quantitative and qualitative research methods and works with different data sources ranging from large scale European surveys to administrative data to in-depth interviews. The Centre for Population, Family and Health is specialized in survey methodology, event history analysis and grounded theory methodology. The centre collects, for example, the Flemish SHARE data and is involved with the Generations & Gender Programme.  


Spokesperson: Prof. dr. Dimitri Mortelmans


Dimitri Mortelmans
+32 3 265 55 35
Stadscampus, M.375
Sint-Jacobstaat 2
2000 Antwerpen, België