In the philosophy of engaging in interdisciplinary research, we are pleased to refer to other projects and research groups:

  • SIMID: a strategic basic research project executed by a consortium of the University of Antwerp, Hasselt University, the Catholic University of Leuven and the Scientific Institute for Public Health (WIV). The project's main aim was to further develop the capacity in infectious disease simulation modelling in Flanders. Modelling of infectious diseases is far more complex than modeling non-infectious diseases, as interventions aimed at infectious diseases also have an impact on people who are not targeted by these interventions.
  • GLEAM: The global epidemic and mobility model combines real-world data on populations and human mobility with elaborate stochastic models of disease transmission to deliver analytic and forecasting power to address the challenges faced in developing intervention strategies that minimize the impact of potentially devastating epidemics.
  • SIMPACT: an individual-based, event-driven model for HIV transmission, prevention and treatment in a heterosexual population.
  • VAXINFECTIO: Vaccine & Infectious Disease Institute (UAntwerp)
  • CEV: Centre for the Evaluation of Vaccination (UAntwerp)
  • LMM: Laboratory of Medical Microbiology (UAntwerp)
  • LEH: Laboratory of Experimental Hematology (UAntwerp)
  • TIGR: Tumor Immunology Group (UAntwerp)