The continued fractions for special functions package (CFSF)

The continued fractions for special functions package (CFSF) complements a systematic study of continued fraction representations for special functions.  It provides all the functionality to create continued fractions, in particular k-periodic or limit k-periodic fractions, to compute approximants, make use of continued fraction tails, perform equivalence transformations and contractions, and much more. The package, developed in Maple, includes a library of more than 200 representations of special functions, of which only 10% can be found in the NBS Handbook of Mathematical Functions with Formulas, Graphs and mathematical Tables by Abramowitz and Stegun.

IEEE 754 Compliance Checker (IEEECC754)

IeeeCC754, or IEEE 754 Compliance Checker, is a precision and range independent tool to test whether an implementation of floating-point arithmetic (in hardware or software) is compliant with the principles of the IEEE 754/854 floating-point standard.

IEEE-compliant mixed precision floating-point arithmetic library (libMpIeee)

libMpIeee is a C++  library for radix 2n or 10m mixed precision floating-point arithmetic, that is fully compliant with the IEEE 754/854 standards. In addition, exact rounding from and to decimal is supported without restrictions on the exponent or mantissa range.