Prof. Peeters recently earned an Emeritus status

That calls for an appropriate celebration of his career to date. We invite all colleagues and friends to join us on that occassion, on November 16th (Tuesday), in auditorium G010 at Campus Middelheim of the University of Antwerp. The event will be broadcasted online as well, using Zoom (link to the meeting is here).

Registration for the event is free but required. Please register using this form, before noon on Monday November 15th.

Note that Covid-safe ticket is warranted to attend the event on site. 

The program entails:

[9-14h Workshop for early stage researchers in condensed matter physics (separate registration here)]

From 14h Gathering and coffee at CMI-G010 (incl. covid-safe scanning; please arrive well on time)

15h Opening

                Word of Prof. Ronny Blust, Vice-Rector, Head of the Research Council of the University of Antwerp

                Nanoscience in Antwerp, reflection of Prof. Em. Staf Van Tendeloo

15.30h Highlighting some prominent research themes

                Physics in flatlands - from electrons on Helium to 2D materials    Prof. Eva Andrei, Rutgers University, USA

                Semiconducting nanostructures - driving the technology over the decades    Prof. Pawel Hawrylak, University of Ottawa, Canada

                Nanostructured superconductors - from vortex matter to quantum tech of second generation    Prof. Ivan Schuller, UC San Diego, USA

17h Messages from international collaborators, incl. Sir Andre Geim

17.30h Presentation of memorabilia and the address of Prof. Peeters

18-20h Festive reception