Computational resources

Each group member has access to a state of the art personal computer as well as access to the Beowulf cluster Seastar:

  • 270 cpu-cores;
  • 1TB RAM;
  • 40TB Storage;
  • 1.4 TFLOP CPU capacity;
  • 28.3 TFLOP SP;
  • 5.7 TFLOP DP GPU capacity.
    (the hardware receives regular updates so the specifications might already be outdated when you read them)

Accounts for Seastar are managed by Nikolas Garofil.

If you need to access seastar from outside the university, use "ssh" instead of "ssh YOURUSER@seastar-64"

Tips & tricks

  • Please note that to compile your code you may need to load the compilers e.g. using command module load ifort. To get the list of available modules you type module avail.

  • You submit the job using command qsub (e.g. qsub You can see the status of your current jobs using qstat. The command qstat -q lists the summary of all currently running jobs on all queues. To delete the job use qdel followed by the job number. Example submit script is located above.

  • The default quota in your home directory is only 2.5 GB. You are therefore strongly advised to run jobs from your data directory ($VSC_DATA) and not from your home directory.

  • To get the custom commands replacements (like command '..' being equivalent to 'cd ..' etc.) you should edit your .bashrc file located in your home directory. For example adding line alias ..='cd ..' and restarting the connection to Turing will make the above mentioned command '..' work.