The Antwerp Research in Radiation Oncology (AReRO) is a multidisciplinary research group established in the Centre for Oncology REsearch (CORE) institute of the University of Antwerp. AReRO group members are biologists, physicists and physicians affiliated to the University of Antwerp, Iridium Netwerk and Antwerp University Hospital. The final aim of our research team is to develop innovative techniques and treatments and increase the therapeutic window of radiation therapy, the irradiation workflow and efficacy, to ultimately improve cancer cure and patient’s quality of life.

In biology, our group designs and uses preclinical in vitro and in vivo models to develop treatments and study new radiation techniques to prevent, mitigate or reverse radiation induced normal tissue toxicity along with improving tumour cure rates. More fundamental research in radiobiology consists in studying the interaction mechanisms of ionizing radiation with tumour and normal tissues at the molecular, cellular and tissular levels.

The goal of the physics team is to research innovative techniques of dosimetry, treatment planning and radioprotection to benefit and optimize patient treatment and preclinical research. Artificial Intelligence technology and additive manufacturing are research tools towards our goal.

Our fundamental and preclinical research is ultimately translated by our clinical team which designs clinical trials and orientate fundamental and translational research hypotheses.

Our current research topic focuses mainly on ultra-high dose rate radiation therapy “FLASH-RT”. This new paradigm raises critical research questions in all science domains including dosimetry, treatment delivery, physical and biological mechanisms of action on the biological tissues (tumour and healthy organs), feasibility in clinics.

Team leaders

Pierre Montay-Gruel (biology)
Alessia Gasparini (physics)
Philip Poortmans (clinical translation)

Associated promotors (alphabetically)

Christophe Deben
Piet Dirix
Inès Joye
Filip Lardon
Melanie Machiels
Paul Meijnders
Daan Nevens
Dirk Verellen
Peter Vermeulen
An Wouters

PhD students

Adrien Arrigo
Michaël Claessens
Verdi Vanreusel

Lab technicians

Louize Brants