Solid Tumor Immunology Group (STIG)

In STIG we focus on developing novel immunotherapeutic combination strategies to treat solid tumors and on unraveling the tumor immune microenvironment to gain deeper insights in tumor escape mechanisms. For novel cancer immunotherapy strategies, STIG has got a special interest in combining immune stimulation with inhibition of immune suppression and in activating the innate immune system as the first line of defense against tumors.
Key words of our research are cancer immunotherapy, combination therapy, innate immunity, immune checkpoints, immunostimulatory molecules, stroma, hypoxia and cold atmospheric plasma.

Team Leader
Prof. Dr. Evelien Smits

Associated promotors (alphabetically)
Prof. dr. Annemie Bogaerts
Dr. Christophe Deben
Dr. Jorrit De Waele
Dr. Julie Jacobs
Prof. dr. Filip Lardon
Dr. Abraham Lin
Dr. Elly Marcq
Prof. dr. Patrick Pauwels
Prof. dr. Marc Peeters
Dr. Geert Roeyen
Prof. dr. Christian Rolfo
Prof. dr. Jan Van Meerbeeck
Prof. dr. em. Paul Van Schil
Prof. dr. An Wouters

Postdoctoral researchers
Dr. Jorrit De Waele
Dr. Christophe Deben
Dr. Julie Jacobs
Dr. Elly Marcq

PhD students
Tal Flieswasser
Laurie Freire Boullosa
Delphine Quatannens
Vasiliki Siozopoulou
Jonas Van Audenaerde
Astrid Van den Eynde
Jinthe Van Loenhout
Hanne Verswyvel

Lab technicians
Hilde Lambrechts
Ho Wa Lau
Céline Merlin

PLASMANT/Plasma onco researchers
Eline Biscop
Dr. Abraham Lin
Dr. Angela Privat-Maldonado