Master of Cultural Management

We organise a Master of Cultural Management (60 credits). The Master is taught in Dutch only at the moment. This master course is organised by the Faculty of Business and Economics, as a part of the Management Department. Our goal is to give students a broad management education which is specified on the characteristics of the cultural and creative sector.

Set up of the course programme

The master has three main components:

  • the functional management fields
  • context and cultural policy 
  • put into practice of arts and cultural management

The functional management domains are:

  • financial and management accounting
  • financial management
  • general and strategic management
  • human resources management 
  • marketing and communication management

In these management courses you learn more about the fundamental concepts and methods of the domain and how to implement them in the cultural sector.

Management can not be uncoupled of its cultural and social context, therefore we also offer juridical and policy courses.

Master dissertation

The master dissertation is the keystone of the Master. It falls apart into two parts: the practical project and the research study about a cultural or creatieve organisation.

More about the master dissertation

The master dissertation is the keystone of our Master of Culture Management. It falls apart into two parts: the practical project (3 credits) and the research study (12 credits).

What's the link between them?

Students choose a problem-oriented subject or research question which has a managerial dimension and relates to a cultural or creative organisation/company. If you are a council or a governmental organisation which deals with one or more cultural/creative sector(s), the research question should be approached from a sector-based perspective.

During the project, the student carries out tasks in your organisation in order to get to know the organisation better (practical project), thus making the scientific analyses and written report of the research (Master dissertation) more valuable. We believe that the quality of the conclusions and recommendations made to the organisation are very important, and this is why we hope you can help the student by offering him or her a working role in your organisation.


The student has minimum 9 weeks and maximum six months (between Easter and June or longer) to acquire a good understanding of how an/your organisation/company/sector works. It is therefore necessary that the student spend a lot of time in the organisation: carrying out tasks, having a desk to work at, attending meetings, and so on. We are convinced that this experience will make the conclusions and recommendations formulated in the research much more relevant, specific and valuable to the organisation. It' s our goal to deliver a research report which can be a working tool, a reflective policy document or a startup for your organisation to work on the elements you want to achieve. 

Download a list of the master dissertations (2009-2020)

Your organisation as part of this student project?

If you have a managerial topic to be researched, f.e. if you have questions about how to deal with reorganisations, new projects, strategy issues, communication & marketing questions, HR policy, financial issues of any kind, international policy,...please do let us know and sign in for the topic list of the master dissertation. At the beginning of the academic year, students will get this list to choose an organisation of a topic that they are interrested in.

What do we need from you? 

  1. name organisation
  2. contact details (students will contact you directly when they are interrested, during October and December)
  3. topic of the research (an extensive research proposal or just a general topic is both fine)

If you don't have a topic in mind, you can also subscribe for the list, you together with the student will find a match during an exploratorive conversation.

Send this information or your questions to the education assistant:

The Master of Cultural Management attach importance to cooperation and networks within the academic and practical field. 

Cooperation, networks and partners of the Master of Cultural Management

We have a strong cooperation with:

We are member of different national and international networks:


More information on the courses, the professors, the jobopportunities, find on the study programme website. If you are eager to learn Dutch to follow this programme, you find the information on the English website of the master.

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