We organise a Master in Cultural Management (60 credits). The Master is taught in Dutch only at the moment. This master course is organised by the Faculty of Applied Economics, as a part of the Management Department. Our goal is to give students a broad management education which is specified on the characteristics of the cultural and creative sector. Students chose between a major arts and culture or a major creative industries

Set up of the course programme

The master has three main components:

  • the functional management fields
  • specific parts of your choicen major
  • put into practice of arts and cultural management

The functional management domains are:

  • financial and management accounting
  • financial management
  • general and strategic management
  • human resources management 
  • marketing and communication management

In these management courses you learn more about the fundamental concepts and methods of the domain and how to implement them in the cultural sector.

Management can not be uncoupled of its cultural and social context, therefore we also offer juridical and policy courses.

Two majors:

Within the major arts and culture the focus lies on organisations who are subsidized by the government. Attention is payed on how the cultural field is build within society and how policy and politics proceeds as important factors to the cultural field. There is also room for reflection about themes like participation, the creative city and management and ethics. The seminar international dimensions of cultural management focus on international cultural policy.

The major creative industries focusses on the context and policy of the creative sectors like fashion, design, media, architecture, book industry and so on. In the courses innovation management and cultural entrepreneurship the main concepts are explored and applied via exercices.

Master disstertation

The master dessertation is the keystone of the Master. It falls apart into two parts: the practical project, a three months research internship, and the research study about a cultural or creatieve organisation. More about the design of research concept you can read at the next page.


More information on the courses, the professors, the jobopportunities, find on the study programme website. If you are eager to learn Dutch to follow this programme, you find the information on the English website of the master.



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