Publications in the spotlight

Hiving off the non-essential : analysing which public organizations outsource administrative overhead
Boon Jan   Verhoest Koen   De Borger Bruno  
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Does it pay to care? Volunteering and employment opportunities
Baert Stijn   Vujić Sunčica  
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Equity in health financing
De Graeve Diana   Xu Ke   Van Gestel Raf  
The international encyclopedia of public health / Quah, Stella R. [edit.]; et al.-p. 569-576
Bank en beurs binnenstebuiten
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Considering economic and geological uncertainty in the simulation of realistic investment decisions for CO2-EOR projects in the North Sea
Welkenhuysen Kris   Rupert Jort   Compernolle Tine   Ramirez Andrea   Swennen Rudy   Piessens Kris  
Applied energy - ISSN 0306-2619-185:1 (2017) p. 745-761
Off-shore enhanced oil recovery in the North Sea : the impact of price uncertainty on the investment decisions
Compernolle Tine   Welkenhuysen K.   Huisman K.   Piessens K.   Kort Peter M.  
Energy policy - ISSN 0301-4215-101 (2017) p. 123-137
Damned lies, statistics and Medicare
Clarke Philip   Hua Xinyang   Erreygers Guido (2017.03.21)
Horizontal subcontracting and investment in idle dispatchable power plants
Bouckaert Jan   Van Moer Geert  
International journal of industrial organization - ISSN 0167-7187-52 (2017) p. 307-332
Interaction of pricing, advertising and experience quality: A dynamic analysis
Caulkins Jonathan P.   Feichtinger Gustav   Grass Dieter   Hartl Richard F.   Kort Peter M.   Seidl Andrea  
European journal of operational research - ISSN 0377-2217-256:3 (2017) p. 877-885
The catalogue of Piero Sraffa's library : what can we learn from a bibliophile and his philological rigor?
Erreygers Guido   Rotondi Claudia  
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Public goods in endogenous networks
Kinateder Markus   Merlino Luca Paolo  
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Government spending, entry, and the consumption crowding-in puzzle
Lewis Vivien   Winkler Roland  
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Does my high blood pressure improve your survival? Overall and subgroup learning curves in health
Van Gestel Raf   Mueller Tobias   Bosmans Johan  
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Youth crime and education expansion
Machin Stephen   Marie Olivier   Vujić Sunčica  
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The crime reducing effect of education
Machin Stephen   Marie Olivier   Vujić Sunčica  
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Can we account for selection bias? A comparison between bare metal and drug-elting stents
De Ridder Annemieke   De Graeve Diana  
Value in health - ISSN 1098-3015-14:1 (2011) p. 3-14

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