Mission ENdEMIC

The Research Group ENdEMIC aims at high-quality, pioneering and border-moving scientific research in the broad field of Environmental Urban Ecology and Applied Microbiology, with as unique common selling point the (biologically-based) monitoring of air quality and bioremediation of air pollution by plants and its phyllosphere bacteria, and the involvement of citizen science projects.

Thereby the research group aims to focus on frontier fundamental and applied research in close collaboration with other relevant research groups within the own university (e.g. DUEL, AXES, SPHERE, MOSAIC,…), Belgium (e.g. VITO, VMM, KMI, WaterLink, SCK-CEN,...)  and worldwide (e.g. UWageningen (NL), University of Sannio (IT)), but also with industrial partners and social stakeholders. Furthermore, the research group wants to provide services to the society and interact closely with this society, by communicating its research results and by organising and participating in diverse citizen science initiatives (e.g. AIRbezen, Ferme Pekes, Curieuzeneuzen, …).

ENdEMIC not only aims at being a reliable research partner but also wants to encourage the well-being (both physically and mentally) of its members and partners.

Environmental and Urban Ecology (EUREC-Air)

Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology