Risk Models in Innovation

The mission statement of our research group is to become a leading group in developing quantitative measurement systems and probabilistic risk modelling with a special focus on the innovation & entrepreneurship high tech ecosystem on one hand and security issues in general on the other.

Currently the scientific field of innovation & entrepreneurship and that of risk modelling are covered by mainly qualitative techniques and qualitative models. Our goal is to ban all those qualitative techniques and replace them by much more reliable quantitative techniques and models. Up to a few years ago this was almost impossible given the calculation power needed for dealing with the complex and CPU-intensive calculation models.  Since a few years however the computer power of relatively small systems did reach a level where those calculations were made possible without too heavy investments. That’s where our team started with importing techniques from the physics field into the field of innovation & entrepreneurship. Those techniques were already successfully applied in European FP7 projects were they were considered as brand new and promising innovations in the evaluation (measurement) and quantitative assessment of risk of portfolio’s of innovative projects. In the mean time the same has been applied to tunnel project, and several industrial projects, covered by NDA.

Due to its complex nature, the activity of our research is based on a multidisciplinary approach and collaboration with other faculties and universities is indispensable.