The Evolutionary Ecology Group (EVECO) is one of the research groups in the Department of Biology and currently has three full professors. Our research focuses on evolutionary and ecological processes in natural populations, particularly in animals.

The main research questions are related to dispersal and population structure, host-parasite interactions and infectious diseases, and the evolutionary basis of diversity in life-history strategies and phenotypic variation. We also apply our knowledge to problems of conservation as well as population management.


The Evolutionary Ecology Group was created in 2008 through the merger of the former labs of Animal Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. The group consists of three full-time professors, four supporting technical and administrative staff, and a varying number of postdocs, associated researchers and PhD students, with a total count varying from 30 to 35 regular members.


We are part of the Department of Biology that is currently spread over two campuses. In 2016 our group has left the Groenenborger (CGB) campus and joined our colleagues on the Drie Eiken (CDE) campus in the D-building housing all research groups involved in animal ecology, evolution and behavior.