Project 'De Droge Delta' wins Henri van de Velde design research award

The project ‘De Droge Delta’ won a bronze medal at the Henry van de Velde Awards 2024 on January 23, in the design research category. The project, which was led by several design agencies, used pioneering design research into spatial levers in the fight against water scarcity, utilizing the water system maps from the EcoSphere research team. University of Antwerp researcher Jan Staes: “We are very happy that this unique project has won such a prestigious award, and that our research and the associated water system maps formed an important foundation for this forward-looking system project.”

"De Droge Delta" is an innovative research initiative aimed at addressing water scarcity and drought in Flanders. The project approaches this challenge from a spatial-societal perspective, with various experts collaborating to design and visualize spatial solutions. Through its focus on interdisciplinary collaboration and an integrated approach, the project not only offers practical solutions but also contributes to a more sustainable future. The unique combination of scientific expertise and creative design has resulted in a visionary approach to landscape management and water management."

Movie on the 'Water system maps'