The following doctoral dissertations have been completed by members of GaP or under the guidance of a member of the GaP team:

2022, XIAOHONG LIU: "An interpersonal metapragmatic account of the Chinese formulaic disclaimer 'bushi wo V(P) ni'"

2022, SOFÍA PÉREZ FERNÁNDEZ: "What can variation tell us about insubordination? A corpus-based constructional analysis of the variation of insubordinate complement constructions in Spanish" 

2022, RUI GUO: "When chopsticks meet forks: A linguistic landscape study on Chinese communities in multilingual Antwerp and Brussels"

2021, ERIC MIJTS: "The situated construction of language ideologies in Aruba: A study among participants in the language planning and policy process"

2021, WENJING FENG: "Investigating Identity Work by Chinese Police Officers in Police Mediation Discourse"

2021, WILLIAM STANDING: "lt-cleft Change across the Lifespan in Early Modern Authors: Variation Rhetoric and the Individual in Constructional Change"

2021, JESSICA VAN DE WEERD: "Le conditionnel de reprise en français: Une étude de son origine et de son évolution de sens"

2021, DILER ABA: "Pragma-linguistic and socio-pragmatic perspectives on intercultural communicative competence within mobile and non-mobile higher education contexts: examining Turkish and Belgian higher education students’ speech act products in English"

2021, SARA BUDTS: "On periphrastic do and the modal auxiliaries: A connectionist approach to language change"

2020, GOSSE ROMKES: "Verandering in professioneel taalgebruik in stagelessen als mogelijke indicator voor de groei van de beroepsvaardigheid bij tweedegraads leraren in opleiding" 

2020, WIM CAERS: "The re-autonomization of the modal auxiliaries in Dutch"

2020, LYNN ANTHONISSEN: "Special passives across the lifespan: Cognitive and social mechanisms" 

2019, MARINA VULOVIC: "Metacognitive awareness and academic literacy skills in English as a foreign language: The case of summarising"

2019, ELKE RUELENS: "Learner Autonomy in the Acquisition of Advanced Academic Literacy"

2019, DAVID CORREIA SAAVEDRA: "Measurements of grammaticalization: Developing a quantitative index for the study of grammatical change"

2018, CHRISTINE FOURIE: "Metacognition in healthcare communication training: a critical analysis of blended second language learning"

2018, MARILIZE PRETORIUS: "Accommodative competence: A Communication Accommodation Theory approach to language and communication training in nursing"

2018, WARD PEETERS: "The Networking Power of Web 2.0 in the Foreign Language Classroom: Affordances of the Online Peer Interaction Process"

2018, FERGAL TREANOR: "Rationality and rhetoric: Higher education policy reform in Germany, 1992-2013"

2017, MARIE REETZ: "Idéologie et discours autoritaire au Japon 1931-1945: M'etaphore et marques discursives dans les médias et les écrits personnels militaires pendant la guerre"

2017, BRAM VERTOMMEN: "Coding cognition: A cse-study of Dutch-Turkish and Dutch-Moroccan Arabic language users in the Netherlands"

2017, MAARTEN FRANCK: "The pragmatics of translation in journalism: An investigation into the nature of translation in the news room"

2017, PETRA HEYSE: "Constructing images of "Russian brides": A case study of client-matchmaker interactions behind the screens of Russian transnational dating websites"

2016, VALERIA SINKEVICIUTE: "'It’s never meant to be offensive…': An analysis of jocularity and (im)politeness in Australian and British cultural contexts"

2016, FRENS VOSSEN: "On the typology of the Jespersen cycles"

2016, KONUL HAJIYEVA: "Strategies for vocabulary development at the initial stages of academic acculturation"

2015, KAROLIEN JANSSENS: "The diachronic evolution of the mental state predicates in Dutch"

2015, YUNLONG QIU: "Carriers of uncoded negation in modern Chinese: An investigation of usage conditions within the framework of linguistic adaptability"

2014,  JEROEN CLAES: "The pluralization of presentational haber in Caribbean Spanish. A study in Cognitive Construction Grammar and Comparative Sociolinguistics"

2014, ASTRID DE WIT: "The Present Perfective Paradox across Languages"

2014, LAUREN VAN ALSENOY: "A new typology of negative pronous with a focus on negative indefinites"

2013, SARAH VAN HOOF: "Feiten en fictie: Een sociolinguïstuische analyse van het taalgebruik in fictieseries op de Vlaamse openbare omroep (1977-2012)"

2012, MATYLDA WEIDNER: "On the Organization of Polish Doctor-Patient Communication: Practices for Building Questions, Negotiating Knowledge, and Recommending Treatment"

2012, ROEL COESEMANS: "Interpreting News Discourse on Kenya's Post-Election Crisis: Context, Ideology, and the Pragmatics of National and International Press Coverage"

2012, NADA GBEGBLE: "The Expression of Modality in Ewe"

2012, DEOGRATIAS NIZONKIZA: "The Relationship between Lexical Competence, Collocational Competence, and Second Language Proficiency"

2012, JAN ZIENKOWSKI: "Analysing political engagement: An interpretive and functionalist discourse analysis of evolving political subjectivities among public activists and intellectuals with a Moroccan background in Flanders"

2011, STEFANIE PEETERS: "Les banlieues explosent: Le fonctionnement discursif des métaphores dans la couverture de la crise des banlieues par la presse écrite française"

2011, DANIËL VAN OLMEN: "The Imperative in English and Dutch - A Functional Analysis in Comparable and Parallel Corpora"

2010, KIM SLEURS: "Writing sources: A process view of preformulation in press releases"

2009, PIETER BYLOO: "Modality and Negation. A corpus-based study"

2009, JESSE MORTELMANS: "Ledit en moyen français fonctionnement textuel et grammaticalisation"

2009, ELINE VERSLUYS: "'Nous les Dakarois on a un Wolof coupé': La construction de l'identité sociale dans un contexte plurilingue"

2008, EVA PALMANS: "Médias et politiques en situation de crise: cas d’étude Burundi / Media en politiek in situaties van extreme crisis: Gevalsstudie Burundi"

2008, JONATHAN CLIFTON: "Doing leadership: A management team in action"

2008, ERIC CAERS: "A contrastive study of reporting in The Guardian and The Economist: Metaphors in the transition from Keynesian economics to monetarism"

2008, TINEKE BRUNFAUT: "Foreign Language Reading for Academic Purposes. Students of English (Native Speakers of Dutch) Reading English Academic Texts"

2008, EWA SCHALLEY: "Imperatives: a typological approach"

2005, DORIEN VAN DE MIEROOP: "Identiteitsconstructie in informatieve speeches: Een multi-methodologische analyse"

2004, JÜRGEN JASPERS: "Tegenwerken, belachelijk doen. Talige sabotage van Marokkaanse jongens op een Antwerpse middelbare school. Een sociolinguïstische etnografie"

2004, LUTGARD LAMS: "Reporting the Hong Kong Handover: a Pragmatic Analysis of News Coverage in Comparative Taiwanese/Mainland Chinese Perspective"

2003, GILBERTE LENAERTS: "Het Columberg-rapport in de Vlaamse media: Discours en de instandhouding van een identiteit"

2002, HELGE DANIËLS: "Debating diversity in Arabic: Fusha versus Ammiyah"

2000, SIGURD D'HONDT: "Conversation analysis and history: Practical and discursive understanding in quarrels among Dar es Salaam adolescents"

1999, FRANK BRISARD: "A critique of localism in and about tense theory"

1999, GINO EELEN: "Ideology in politeness: A critical analysis"

1997, GEERT JACOBS: "Preformulating the news: An analysis of the metapragmatics of press releases"

1997, MICHAEL MEEUWIS: "Constructing sociolinguistic consensus: A linguistic ethnography of the Zairian community in Antwerp, Belgium"