Ph.D. dissertations

The following Ph.D. dissertations have been completed by members of GaP or under the guidance of a member of the GaP team:

2018, FERGAL TREANOR, Rationality and rhetoric: Higher education policy reform in Germany, 1992-2013

2017, MARIE REETZ, Idéologie et discours autoritaire au Japon 1931-1945: M'etaphore et marques discursives dans les médias et les écrits personnels militaires pendant la guerre

2017, BRAM VERTOMMEN, Coding cognition: A cse-study of Dutch-Turkish and Dutch-Moroccan Arabic language users in the Netherlands

2017, MAARTEN FRANCK, The pragmatics of translation in journalism: An investigation into the nature of translation in the news room

2017, PETRA HEYSE, Constructing images of "Russian brides": A case study of client-matchmaker interactions behind the screens of Russian transnational dating websites. 

2016, VALERIA SINKEVICIUTE, It’s never meant to be offensive…”: An analysis of jocularity and (im)politeness in Australian and British cultural contexts [for a pdf version, please email at]

2016, FRENS VOSSEN, On the typology of the Jespersen cycles.

2016, KONUL HAJIYEVA, Strategies for vocabulary development at the initial stages of academic acculturation.

2015, KAROLIEN JANSSENS, The diachronic evolution of the mental state predicates in Dutch.

2015, YUNLONG QIU, Carriers of uncoded negation in modern Chinese: An investigation of usage conditions within the framework of linguistic adaptability.

2014,  JEROEN CLAES, The pluralization of presentational haber in Caribbean Spanish. A study in Cognitive Construction Grammar and Comparative Sociolinguistics.

2014, ASTRID DE WIT, The Present Perfective Paradox across Languages.

2014, LAUREN VAN ALSENOY, A new typology of negative pronous with a focus on negative indefinites.

2013, SARAH VAN HOOF, Feiten en fictie: Een sociolinguïstuische analyse van het taalgebruik in fictieseries op de Vlaamse openbare omroep (1977-2012).

2012, MATYLDA WEIDNER, On the Organization of Polish Doctor-Patient Communication: Practices for Building Questions, Negotiating Knowledge, and Recommending Treatment.

2012, ROEL COESEMANS, Interpreting News Discourse on Kenya's Post-Election Crisis: Context, Ideology, and the Pragmatics of National and International Press Coverage. [download the thesis (pdf - 11Mb)]

2012, NADA GBEGBLE, The Expression of Modality in Ewe.

2012, DEOGRATIAS NIZONKIZA, The Relationship between Lexical Competence, Collocational Competence, and Second Language Proficiency.

2012, JAN ZIENKOWSKI, Analysing political engagement: An interpretive and functionalist discourse analysis of evolving political subjectivities among public activists and intellectuals with a Moroccan background in Flanders. [see also 'Books']

2011, STEFANIE PEETERS, Les banlieues explosent: Le fonctionnement discursif des métaphores dans la couverture de la crise des banlieues par la presse écrite française. [download the thesis (pdf - 3.2Mb)]

2011, DANIËL VAN OLMEN, The Imperative in English and Dutch - A Functional Analysis in Comparable and Parallel Corpora.

2010, KIM SLEURS, Writing sources: A process view of preformulation in press releases.

2009, PIETER BYLOO, Modality and Negation. A corpus-based study.

2009, JESSE MORTELMANS, Ledit en moyen français fonctionnement textuel et grammaticalisationn.

2009, ELINE VERSLUYS, "Nous les Dakarois on a un Wolof coupé": La construction de l'identité sociale dans un contexte plurilingue. [See also 'Books']

2008, EVA PALMANS, Médias et politiques en situation de crise: cas d’étude Burundi / Media en politiek in situaties van extreme crisis: Gevalsstudie Burundi. [download the thesis (pdf - 7.75Mb)]

2008, JONATHAN CLIFTON, Doing leadership: A management team in action. [download the thesis (pdf - 1.1Mb)]

2008, ERIC CAERS, A contrastive study of reporting in The Guardian and The Economist: Metaphors in the transition from Keynesian economics to monetarism. [download the thesis (pdf - 1.75Mb)]

2008, TINEKE BRUNFAUT, Foreign Language Reading for Academic Purposes. Students of English (Native Speakers of Dutch) Reading English Academic Texts.

2008, EWA SCHALLEY, Imperatives: a typological approach.

2005, DORIEN VAN DE MIEROOP, Identiteitsconstructie in informatieve speeches: Een multi-methodologische analyse. [download the thesis (pdf - 1.8Mb)]

2004, JÜRGEN JASPERS, Tegenwerken, belachelijk doen. Talige sabotage van Marokkaanse jongens op een Antwerpse middelbare school. Een sociolinguïstische etnografie. [See also 'Books']

2004, LUTGARD LAMS, Reporting the Hong Kong Handover: a Pragmatic Analysis of News Coverage in Comparative Taiwanese/Mainland Chinese Perspective.

2003, GILBERTE LENAERTS, Het Columberg-rapport in de Vlaamse media: Discours en de instandhouding van een identiteit.

2002, HELGE DANIËLS, Debating diversity in Arabic: Fusha versus Ammiyah. [download the thesis (pdf - 7.6Mb)]

2000, SIGURD D'HONDT, Conversation analysis and history: Practical and discursive understanding in quarrels among Dar es Salaam adolescents.

1999, FRANK BRISARD, A critique of localism in and about tense theory.

1999, GINO EELEN, Ideology in politeness: A critical analysis. [See also 'Books']

1997, GEERT JACOBS, Preformulating the news: An analysis of the metapragmatics of press releases. [See also 'Books']

1997, MICHAEL MEEUWIS, Constructing sociolinguistic consensus: A linguistic ethnography of the Zairian community in Antwerp, Belgium. [download the thesis (pdf - 2.1Mb)]