Covering the ring of Antwerp opens up new opportunities—for the substructure, for the superstructure, for the adjacent neighborhoods. The challenge for the client is to approach the ‘great connection’ not only from an infrastructural dimension, but also from a socio-cultural dimension. Culture arises in what is and was, and at the same time culture makes something new: cultural performance gives exposure to what is alive and how the world could become. The long-lasting construction wharf can be considered as an opportunity to enable processes of (cultural) appropriation, to generate local benefits and to create sustained consent. The challenge here is to set up a transition as a controlled process and to do so by applying principles from Cultural Brokerage & Resilience in the process of transition. How can the long-term construction phase be transformed and used as a form of enriching, by cultural interventions that translate, mediate, and generate resilience, and by striving for sustained consent?



Sven Verbruggen 

Frederik Vandyck

Marc Jacobs

Johan De Walsche

Marleen Goethals


Lantis NV 




2020 - 2021