Laboratory of Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology

Our team shares a passion for beneficial microorganisms and their potential to enhance human and environmental health. We implement broad ecological and molecular-mechanistic approaches and focus on identifying microorganisms that can positively influence the health of their host, as well as the quality of the environment. We employ advanced microbiological, molecular, bioinformatic and immunological techniques to understand the crucial species, genes, molecules and host biomarkers involved in these beneficial mechanisms. While lactobacilli are a key focus of our research, our portfolio continues to expand, driven by the interests of our team and society. We aim for a wide range of research, from fundamental to applied, collaborating with academics, clinicians, and other stakeholders worldwide to create a positive impact on society. Additionally, we are dedicated to science communication and citizen science, with research on urban (health) issues, women's and children's health. This includes studying the microbiome in the vagina, respiratory tract, skin, (fermented) food, the urban and natural environment, and on agricultural crops and animals.