Within the University of Antwerp MICA is involved in multiple interesting multi-disciplinary research projects: among these there are projects on the development of novel radiotracers togehter with UAMC (prof. K. Augustyns and prof P. Van Der Veken), on molecular imaging during epilepsia together with translational neurosciences (TNW, prof. S. Dedeurwaerdere), on inflammatory bowel disease together with the gastroenterology research group (prof. B. De Winter), on the cuprizon model with experimental haematology (prof. P. Ponsaerts).

Internationally MICA has collaborations with the Technical University of Delft (engineering), the University of Arizona (radiopharmacy), the University of Amsterdam (radiopharmacy), Groningen (kinetic modeling) and the University of Zurich (animal blood sampling) amongst many other partners in the context of IMI (Quic-Concept and PharmaCog). Furthermore, MICA performs several IWT TBM projects and EORTC clinical trials.