Dataprocessing and engineering

MICA is internationally recognized as competence center in kinetic analysis of newly designed tracers and are thereby supported by skilled engineers, dedicated to the group. The MICA physicists published the new international standard of μSPECT image quality, which can be found here.

MICA is also a frontrunner in awake imaging technology which avoids the use of (interfering) anesthesia for neuroimaging. MICA has developed various methodologies for tracking of motion (with and without markers) and to correct for motion during the image reconstruction. A comprehensive slide deck is available: MADA Technology.

Fom an engineering perspective, MICA scientists closed two license deals with OEMs:

  • Together with the company MagVenture, MICA co-developed the world's first pre-clinical TMS coil which opens new horizons for TMS research.
  • A second commercially available product involves an accessory for bladder flushing during moleuclar imaging to reduce accumulation of the radiotracer in the bladder. This bladder flusher device has been developed in collaboration with the French company Minerve Equipement Veterinaire.