MICA has an academic program focusing on the study of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) in small animals. In this context, a preclinical TMS prototype coil has been developed together with the company MagVenture who is currently commercializing this device.

Furthermore, MICA is performing a vast amount of contract research in neurosciences for pharmaceutical companies. For instance the group has rapidly acquired a vast amount of experience in scanning single (Tg2576) and double (TASTPM, APP/PS1) transgenic mice models for amyloid plaque formation both in a cross-sectional as in a longitudinal setting including multi-year follow-up with all available AD imaging biomarkers from the clinical standard [18F]-FDG and [11C]-PiB over fluorinated analogues such as Florbetaben (Bayer), Florbetapir (Eli Lily) and Flutemetamol (GE).