The Human Evolution and Behavior Network (HEBEN) was founded in 2003 to meet the challenges posed by dramatic changes in our understanding of our own species. The Center is dedicated to advance interdisciplinary research of human thinking and behaviour in the Low Countries. HEBEN organizes an annual conference with national and international speakers. In 2014, the main scope of the HEBEN event was to offer a platform for presentations and feedback to young researchers, both part of the HEBEN network as well as anyone else who was invited to attend (October 23 & 24, 2014)

Day 1: presentations

Session: Cultural Evolution

  • Plenary Talk "Is cultural fitness hopelessly confused?" by Prof. Dr. Grant Ramsey
  • The cultural evolution of species number. By De Block Andreas (KULeuven)
  • High buildings trigger freezing responses. By Joye Yannick & Dewitte Siegfried (KULeuven)
  • Supernatural agriculture? Or why religion is probably not an adaptation. By Blanke Stefaan & Boudry Maarten (UGent) 
  • The mysterious origin of latent functions: can cultural Darwinism provide us with an explanation?

Session: Mating Strategies

  • ​Female intrasexual competition and the detection of cyclical fertility status. By Johns Sarah & Whitehouse Francesca (U Kent, UK)
  • Which variables predict being chosen on a speed date? A random forest approach. By Pollet Thomas & Stulp Gert (VU Amsterdam)
  • The Grey area surrounding the red effect on attractiveness: Limited support for a red effect in human mate preferences. By Peperkoorn Leonard, Pollet Thomas & Roberts Craig. (VU Amsterdam/ University of Sterling)
  • Conspicuous consumption has social costs for low status individuals. By Franssens Samuel & Dewitte Siegfried (London Business school / KuLeuven) 
  • Conspicuous smartphones serve as men’s but not women’s intrasexual signal. By Henninghausen Christine (Wuerzburg)
  • Plenary Talk "The Overlooked Romance Novel as a Tool for Comprehending Women’s Evolved Psychology" by Prof. Dr. Maryanne Fisher

Day 2: presentations

Session: Prosocial Behaviour, Cooperation, coalition & competition

  • Plenary Talk "Informational warfare: coalitions and cooperation in reputational competiton" by Prof. Dr. Nicole Hess
  • Reputation Management: Why and how gossip enhances generosity. By Wu Junhui, Balliet Daniel, & Van Lange Paul. (VU Amsterdam)
  • Power, social value differences and their role in directing ‘the orchestra of heuristics’ in social dilemmas. By Pauwels Loren (UAntwerpen)
  • Explaining social institutions: a game-theoretic approach. By Vlerick Michael (Johannesburg)
  • Charisma and signalling theory: How leaders can help groups overcome the problem of “fragile cooperation” by Grabo Allen & van Vugt Mark (VU Amsterdam)
  • Obama versus Romney: Charisma during the 2012 elections. By Hallam Lara (UAntwerpen). 

HEBEN 2014 was organized by Charlotte De Backer and Carolyn Declerck. If you have any questions, contact Charlotte De Backer: T +32 2655680