Publications database

A Refbase based publications database for the whole consortium has been setup, where Open Access versions of our articles can be downloaded.

A list of joint publications can be also accessed. 

Simplified interfaces to the publications of each group can be found here:

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Selected publications

  • “Restructuring of titanium oxide overlayers over nickel nanoparticles during catalysis”
    Monai M, Jenkinson K, Melcherts AEM, Louwen JN, Irmak EA, Van Aert S,Altantzis T, Vogt C, van der Stam W, Duchon T, Smid B, Groeneveld E,Berben P, Bals S, Weckhuysen BM, Science 380,644 (2023).     
  • “Photoelectrochemical behavior of phthalocyanine-sensitized TiO₂ in the presence of electron-shuttling mediators”
    Khan SU, Trashin S, Beltran V, Korostei YS, Pelmus M, Gorun SM,Dubinina T V, Verbruggen SW, De Wael K, Analytical chemistry 94,12723 (2022).
  • “Self-assembled ligand-capped plasmonic Au nanoparticle films in the Kretschmann configuration for sensing of volatile organic compounds”
    Borah R, Smets J, Ninakanti R, Tietze ML, Ameloot R, Chigrin DN, BalsS, Lenaerts S, Verbruggen SW, ACS applied nano materials ,acsanm.2c02524 (2022).
  • “Layer-by-Layer-Stabilized Plasmonic Gold-Silver Nanoparticles on TiO2: Towards Stable Solar Active Photocatalysts”
    Dingenen F, Blommaerts N, Van Hal M, Borah R, Arenas-Esteban D,Lenaerts S, Bals S, Verbruggen SW, Nanomaterials 11,2624 (2021).
  • “Breakdown of universal scaling for nanometer-sized bubbles in graphene”
    Villarreal R, Lin P-C, Faraji F, Hassani N, Bana H, Zarkua Z, NairMN, Tsai H-C, Auge M, Junge F, Hofsaess HC, De Gendt S, De Feyter S,Brems S, Ahlgren EH, Neyts EC, Covaci L, Peeters FM, Neek-Amal M,Pereira LMC, Nano Letters 21,8103 (2021).
  • “Gas phase photo fuel cell consisting of WO₃- and TiO₂-photo anodes and an air-exposed cathode for simultaneous air purification and electricity generation”
    Van Hal M, Campos R, Lenaerts S, De Wael K, Verbruggen SW, Applied Catalysis B-Environmental 292,120204 (2021).