MIGLOBA — USOS Collaboration in Oujda

MIGLOBA collaborated with USOS to facilitate a cultural immersion program between the University of Antwerp (UA) and Mohammed 1er University (UMP) students in Oujda, Morocco. Over 15 years, the UA-UMP partnership has evolved through various programs. This year, the program expanded into a four-week initiative, focusing on migration-related research themes—Access to the Job Market and Access to Education. It aimed to deepen understanding and foster engagement while respecting local sensitivities. 

Imane Bendra, a PhD student in social science with a focus on migration in Morocco and a member of MIGLOBA, worked closely with the USOS team to plan and execute these activities in Oujda.

From the 4th to the 22nd of September, students participated in interactive sessions with local NGOs in Oujda. Oujda is a significant entry point for irregular migrants to Morocco, and local NGOs are actively involved in humanitarian efforts and integration programs, including job market access, healthcare, and education.

These sessions, guided by experienced field experts, provided valuable insights into the realities faced by migrants and refugees. Additionally, students actively engaged in workshops, in-depth focus group discussions, and activities promoting diversity and cohesion.

The programme ended with a closing ceremony hosted by the Dean of the faculty of Law, Economics and Social Sciences, Pr. Driss Driouchi, followed by a symbolic tree-planting activity in a local school in collaboration with the local NGO, Pionniers du changement.

1. Overview of Formal activities with Local NGOs in Oujda

2. Overview of Interactive workshops with Local NGOs in Oujda