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Nexor is an IOF consortium that takes up industrial product and production design challenges for high tech systems, so called cyber-physical systems.

Within Nexor, we respond to the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and design smart, customized, lot-size-1, adaptive and sustainable solutions. We collaborate directly with industrial partners and via the establishment of spin-offs.

In recent years, Nexor has been actively developing diversity of technologies and may boast of a small portfolio of active patents. In addition to our work on Industry 4.0 solutions, , our investigators have worked on specific technologies in response to Covid-19 pandemic.

Demand driven research

Nexor is set-up as a multidisciplinary consortium, in close collaboration with internal University Association partners. Moreover, we reach out to external companies and other partners in both, Flemish and European ecosystems for demand-driven basic and applied research.


Nexor's approach for industrial collabration


We develop technologies in 5 domains:

  • Design and testing for Cyber-Physical Systems: we focus our research on methods and tools for designing complex products, testing and verification to ensure higher quality products, and developing embedded software faster;
  • Adaptive, Optimal Control: we provide technology to tackle two industrial challenges: the need for companies to provide efficient machines, while at the same time tailoring them to specific customers’ needs and maintaining a competitive price;
  • Human in the Loop: focuses on supporting workers and engineers, by taking the human in the loop during the development of workflows for design, operation, maintenance of smart machines and factories;
  • Industrial sensing, signal processing and actuation: we develop two application domains - autonomous navigation of mobile platforms and monitoring of industrial production machines and facilities;
  • Inspection in Harsh Environments: we focus on sensing techniques for inspections in environments such as ports, offshore wind parks, etc.

3 technologies in the spotlight

The following solutions have been developed with and for companies:

1. The Earfish 3D audio personalisation technology was awarded a VLAIO Innovation Mandate with spin-off finality in 2019.

2. The EPSIM embedded platform simulation technology was granted a spin-off status early 2022.

3. The eRTIS 3D Sonar technology demonstrates a high degree of industrialisation and is now in a testing phase.

4. Our technology for oil spill detection is being actively developed in collaboration with the Port of Antwerp; currently a spin-off file was submitted to the Valorisation Office.

Our research team

Currently, Nexor consists of 12 professors surrounded by a research team of 12 post- and predoc researchers, 1 research manager and 1 administrative support. 8 of the professors are part of the Flanders Make AnSyMo/Cosys-Core lab.

Our team

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