Organic synthesis (ORSY)

The research division Organic Synthesis (ORSY) of the Department of Chemistry consists of 2 research teams, headed respectively by Prof. Bert Maes and Prof. Shoubhik Das.

The division belongs to several networks within UAntwerpen and Belgium:

UAntwerpen: The BOF (Special Research Fund) Catalysis for Sustainable Organic Chemistry (CASCH) and the IOF (Industrial Research Fund) Expertise Technology Consortium Sustainable Chemistry Network Antwerp (SusChemA).

Belgium: ORSY participates in the prestigious Excellence of Science program in a project (BioFact) connecting research teams of Flemish (KULeuven, UGent, UAntwerpen) and Walloon (ULB, ULiège) universities.

Prof. Maes is the current spokesman of the division. The division has usually between 20 and 30 co-workers (PhD students and postdocs). Half of them are postdocs from all around the world, while the PhD students are mainly coming from Belgium. Besides the 20-30 co-workers on longer term basis, the ORSY division also hosts each year several bachelor, master and Erasmus students. The central themes in the division are organic synthesis, homogeneous catalysis, heterocyclic chemistry and sustainable chemistry. Emphasis in the research is placed on the development of more sustainable reactions/processes. Read more on the research lines of the division on the group sites. Specific examples can be found in the respective publication lists.


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Organic Synthesis
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