Research mission

In the research group PLASMANT we are studying plasma and plasma-surface interactions by means of computer modelling and experiments, for various applications, i.e.:

with the aim to optimize the applications of plasma in various applications, mainly for environmental/energy applications (e.g., CO2 conversion into value-added chemicals and fuels, and N2 fixation) and medical applications (cancer treatment), as well as for materials and nanotechnology, and analytical chemistry.

Furthermore, we also do experiments for gas conversion and cancer treatment (in collaboration with CORE and PPES). We have several types of plasma reactors for gas conversion (CO2, CH4, N2) into value-added chemicals, and several plasma sources for cancer treatment.

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Plasma, Laser Ablation and Surface Modelling - ANTwerp
University of Antwerp, Dept. Chemistry
Campus Drie Eiken
Universiteitsplein 1
2610 Antwerpen-Wilrijk