Plasma Lab for Applications in Sustainability and Medicine - ANTwerp

In the research group PLASMANT we are studying plasma and plasma-surface interactions by means of computer modelling and experiments, for various applications, i.e.:

In the past, we also studied applications in Analytical chemistry.

The aim is to obtain better insights in the underlying mechanisms, in order to improve the applications.

Our experiments focus on gas conversion and cancer treatment (the latter in collaboration with CORE). We have several types of plasma reactors for gas conversion (CO2, CH4, N2) into value-added chemicals, and several plasma sources for cancer treatment.

Furthermore, we also work on methodology development.

Annemie Bogaerts has an ERC Synergy Grant “SCOPE”, together with G.Centi, V. Hessel and E. Rebrov: See website ERCSynergy SCOPE

She is also Methusalem Grant holder, and therefore spokesperson of a Center of Excellence at University of Antwerp PLASMA.

Finally, she is coordinator-spokesperson of an Excellence of Science (EOS) project of FWO-FNRS PLASyntH2, on green H2 synthesis by various plasmas and plasma-liquid interaction, and from various hydrocarbon sources, ranging from CH4 to plastic waste products, together with N. De Geyter and R. Morent (UGent), F. Reniers (ULB) and R. Snyders (UMONS).